To Perugia….

Not much to report today. Jamie continued working on the wiring plan for all those lights, sockets and switches and I did a load of laundry – By Hand!!! As we aren’t leaving for another few days it had to be done but tedious just does not even cover it. Then did a bit more gardening, watched by another disdainful cat.


After a light lunch of tomato bruschetta, we set off for the outskirts of Perugia, our nearest city.  This was to visit our kitchen supplier for samples and subtle changes as Jamie has vetoed the wok ring in favour of more work space. As the nearest Chinese is probably in  Nailsea this may be a move he lives to regret!

On the way we found another stonemasons, but this one also has masses of reclaimed stone objects. A yard full of classical granite columns, Carrara marble sinks and baptismal fonts, carved lions, eagles and the head of Medusa; even an elegant pink striped marble Jack and Jill basin with matching shower panels. Interesting to know where it all came from.

Arrived at the kitchen shop after negotiating the most bizarre road system involving three lanes of traffic having to drift across each other on arrival at a chain of roundabouts. It would probably make a great video but in the evening gloom with headlights and Italian would-be rally drivers, it was challenging.  Valeria, the kitchen designer, also suggested a nearby lighting shop, called Comei. Despite being in the middle of a roundabout and next to a slot machine arcade, it turned out to be full of beautiful Italian designer lights.  This has  happened several times here; you expect these kinds of shops to be in the centre of town but they are usually spread all over the place. Anyway, in the land of designer lighting we dreamt of delicate shades in pure white ceramic and wonderful metal and glass creations starting around £300 and ending over £800.  Think we need a trip to Ikea.

Time for a quick Leffe beer and snacks at Bar degli Artisti and home with Daisy.  Next decision is what and where to eat?  This might be two decisions too many!  Actually not too difficult as our first two choices are closed on a Monday so it’s back to New Castle and eggs baked with black truffle ….ho hum.


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