Radiator Nightmares

[Yesterday’s post didn’t appear online for some reason. So you get another double helping today.]

After radiator joy of the 4th February we are now not quite so jolly.  We have been around the house with the plumber and he wants to put in huge radiators that seem a little exaggerated.  We questioned this as the old ones, although old, were pretty efficient and managed to keep us warm over Christmas, when temperatures were several degrees below zero.  We simply do not believe that we need huge floor to ceiling rads and have asked for advice from our trusty plumber in the UK, Ken, who has ridden up on his white charger from Weston (metaphorically) to advise. He has definitely won the star prize of a week’s holiday in Umbria.

Today I gave Daisy a much needed haircut.  She was beginning to look like something resembling a fur ball.  With the aid of youtube and Google, Jamie and I managed to make her look a bit more fox terrier like.  Hopefully, her doggy chums won’t laugh at her.


We drove down to Tavernelle to see some tiles for the downstairs utility room.  We are so spoilt for choice with tiles, there are so many really beautiful examples.  Any excuse for a trip to Tavernelle as it gives us a chance to visit the best coffee bar and cake shop, and as it was 5 o’clock, we thought it churlish not to patronise a local supplier.


Back home to work out for ourselves how big the radiators should be using various web sites. But they all seem to differ from each other enormously. Hence the emergency call out to Ken.

After that, time for an Americano cocktail in Bar degli Artisti across from our flat.  It is Friday night after all. But still quiet here in town as the tourist season has yet to start. Italian cousins are coming down to visit over Easter in their mega camper van.  They are bringing donations down from Veneto for the poor earthquake victims in the Norcia area which is close by.  Well done Lino! (This will be his third trip with aid).


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