It may have been noticed that the foodie element of our blogs has somewhat declined over the past few weeks.  Rest assured we are still eating and the change is  mainly because, since moving in to the rented flat, we have been eating in far more.  That is not to say that at lunchtime we don ‘t still go over to Serenella’s for a tasty lunch.  This week she surpassed herself and for several days it was hard to make a choice between delicious things like roasted rabbit with a tarragon sauce, suckling pig with fennel seeds and potato puree, or guinea fowl in a pistacchio sauce.  As well as the usual pasta or risotto starters.  And fish on Fridays, but you need to arrive early for the special fritto misto or the octopus and potato salad.  This week I had pasta with a tomatoey scampi sauce and a few fried prawns while Jamie had the sardines.

Personally, I can only manage one course and possibly pud but the restaurant is always busy with local builders, mechanics, police officers, actors, postmen, ladies-who-lunch, elderly friends and, of course, the local priest, doctor, bank manager and registrar!

Serenella has been cooking for the local population, twice a day, six days a week since 1972.  She closes for a week or two in August but otherwise you can rely on great fresh dishes to eat in or take away at lunchtime and pizzas in the evenings.  She really is amazing and helped by an efficient serving and kitchen crew who I think are family and extended family, but I have yet to work out who is who …


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