On the road again

OK, this was written back at the end of April but for some reason we were too busy to actually post it…

Busy packing up our worldly goods again over the next few days, as we prepare to leave our rented flat and return to the UK for a break.  This will be the fourth move in as many months and, inevitably, in the end, things just got stuffed into black bin bags and put into a friends garage or the back of our car.

The last evening was also spent painting the ceilings of the bathrooms in our house.  The grouting had been done on the staircase and we could now walk on it.  It made sense to try and get at least one coat on the ceilings before the plumber got in and fitted the sanitary ware, when getting a step ladder in would prove extremely tricky.

Jamie had to paint one just with the light of his mobile and, as my bathroom has a tiny window, I tried to get mine painted by the diminishing evening light.  Anyway now it is done and only the staircase and the ground floor rooms are left to do.  Hopefully by the time we return the final terracotta floor tiles will have been laid, all the floors will have been washed and dried and prepared for their final coating of beeswax and secret ingredients. That will be done by Marco from Maestri del Cotto rather than the builder as they have more experience.

In the morning our kitchen designer came to the house to take final measuremnets before ordering the units and appliances.  The company is German and they insist on doing the plumbing and electrics and the fittings of the units, themselves.  This way we get a 15 year guarantee, as well as a good deal on German electrical appliances.  After the building works though, it was clear that in a medieval house nothing is straight or level and some changes to the original design were inevitable.  More compromises on corner cupboards and electrical sockets but we do get a bigger sink.  Now the splashback tiles were on the walls it became clear that our original choice of work-top was not going to work at all.  We arranged to go back to the showroom in the afternoon to change that too.  I apologised about the changes and how long the whole process had taken but Valeria, our designer said that this was normal and that she had just ordered a kitchen for a couple’s country house that had been on the drawing board since last February 2016!

It is the last night in our rented flat and everything has been cleaned.  We have been really lucky to have found such an airy and well furnished temporary home.  It has certainly made things less stressful to have somewhere clean and comfortable to come back to and relax in, every evening. Early night now as we need to be on the road by 10am tomorrow for the trip back. Daisy has had her special tablet so she can get into the UK and the car is fully loaded so Chunnel here we come.


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