Too darned hot!

It’s officially hot. Even Jamie will admit that 35° is hot. Despite the two hour thunderstorm yesterday, it is still feeling quite muggy.  Having finally installed the watering system, the heavens decided to help out.  The downpour washed the dusty streets and cleaned the car which was white rather than navy, and like it had just completed the East African rally and then been coated in syrup, from the sticky lime trees that line most of our trees and are all in flower at the moment. After the rain the plants seem to have doubled in size overnight. It was also a useful test to see if the house is waterproof (it isn’t).

Everyone has their windows open but the shutters closed to try and keep cool.  Our neighbours have a cuckoo clock so if I wake up early I can tell what time it is.  Less welcome is the neighbour who wakes at 5:30am and decides to unload the dishwasher full of plates.

We have just returned from a trip to Perugia. We collected the replacement transformers for our hall lights. Let’s hope that they work now, so the builder can plaster them into the wall.  They are smooth white ceramic creations and the wall has been rough plastered and so having explained this right from the beginning of the build, the builder now has to come back on Tuesday and re-plaster the hallway.

He would have had to come back anyway as after my attempt to fill in a crack in the kitchen ceiling, great chunks of plaster fell off!  But more annoyingly, the parquet floor man visited this morning to check everything before they lay the wooden floors in the bedrooms. In one of the bathrooms the tiles have stopped too short in the doorway and because we have a sliding door, means that the wooden floor would extend into the bathroom by about 5 cms.  It doesn’t seem much, but because of the risk of water seeping underneath we really need to extend the tiles with a strip.  Shame we/builder didn’t keep any bits as now getting a single tile is out of the question and we need to buy a pack! Of 5! And they are 60 cms square and will take three weeks to arrive! And it costs €45!

The window sills are ready to install and the windows may get fitted by the end of next week.  The new front door and garage doors too, will be fitted although internal doors will have to wait for the wooden floors to be laid first.  The kitchen arrives at the end of the week along with the sofa.  All very exciting if it wasn’t for celebrations to honour our town’s patron saint San Luigi Gonzaga. The main street will be closed and the surface covered with tableaus made entirely of flower petals.  It should be beautiful but access will be a nightmare for delivery trucks and we will not be moving our car from it’s precious space in case we cannot find another on our return.  Oh, the joys of living in a medieval town in 2017!


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