Liberation Day Eve

I got up early this morning as I now intend to join the ‘Ladies who Walk’ twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The walks are around the town and last for about an hour as most have family commitments or shops to open afterwards.  It was a lovely morning and this first stroll took us out of town on a road Jamie and I had discovered before, but it was nice to see it in a different light as the ladies could tell me who lived in which house and who owns the vineyards and distant villas and estates.  One lady provided me with handfuls of different leaves that are for our salad later and one which is apparently very good in an omelette.  I have no idea what they are but will photograph them, just in case we have to explain to A&E.


Lunch at Serenella’s was very good and the restaurant was packed with workmen.  The town is restoring an old olive mill into a museum and exhibition centre, they are relaying water pipes somewhere and there are several large houses in town and just outside, being renovated or turned into apartments, so there is a lot going on.  As long as they do not finish all the strawberries in lemon syrup before I get there, that’s all!

Tomorrow is a public holiday to celebrate liberation from the Germans.  A number of walks have been organised to local war monuments to commemorate the dead.  One in particular in Montegabbione, another small hilltop village a few miles away, looks intriguing as it covers the refuges and paths in the woods and hills used by the Partisans.  It ends back in the village with a talk by a 99 year old survivor and ex-prisoner of the Nazis, which should be really interesting.  I hope I can understand him.


We picked up our rush matting cover for the cupola in the garden and now I bet the weather will change so we no longer need it. That is usually the way.  I finished my last bit of upcycling this afternoon, to the horrid brass laquered light rescued from the garage when we bought the house.  I was going to chuck it out but thought I would try and paint it and if it was a total disaster, then chuck it.  I painted it in two layers of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Graphite and then using two shades of her gilding waxes, in Warm Gold and Bright Gold, dry brushed the whole thing to try and give it an ‘Empire’ look and tie it into the black and gold of the cupboard in the guest room.  I have left Jamie trying to work out how to attach it to the sealing while I pop around the corner to our friend’s house and look after her cat whilst she is away.  Hope it looks the part when I get back, with its light bulbs and justifies the effort.  



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