Christmas Lights

Just received another quote for building work and now have to choose which to use. The electrician and plumber are on board so do we go with someone who is busy and not available until next year (because he’s good?) or the other who is available right now (why?). Luckily, the one who is available now is also cheaper. Maybe it’s a sign.

Daisy was patrolling the ancient walls of the garden but has been discouraged from ever doing it again as there is a rather severe drop in to the neighbours garden!! She has now decided she prefers living in the B&B with its underfloor heating. Problem is that, now she has moved in and thinks it is hers, anyone else coming in gets barked and growled at. But she is anyone’s for a treat. [waiting for JP to say “dog most like its owner”]

Anyway, we had another white knuckle drive through the ancient medieval passageways because the main street was blocked by the guys putting up Christmas decorations. As a side note these beautiful fresh foliage swags are made by hand by the local ladies from bay leaves and red ribbon; look beautiful.

Anyway this resulted in having to drive the wrong way down a narrow alleyway with about 1 cm to spare on either and the possibility of getting wedged despite the re-assurance of an elderly resident. We need a Fiat 500 NOW! However, the reason for being in such a predicament was the acquisition of a table and six dining chairs for free, and we were collecting them. Doubt they would fit in a Fiat.

Then had to park the car in the centre of town as it doesn’t fit down our road, and had to carry the chairs and table to the house. What a performance! But at least it got us introduced to (and talked about by) more of the locals. Not sure how the builders will cope when the work starts with deliveries of tiles and removal of rubble. I’m sure they are used to it?!!

We deserved our dinner this evening: handcarved Parma ham, oven baked flatbread and this year’s olive oil (it’s the latest thing, you know: “l’olio nuovo e arrivato”); chicken broth with home-made capelleti (like mini ravioli); chitarrini (pasta strings) with broccoli, pecorino and pancetta; pork ribs grilled over charcoal with oven baked potatoes; spezzatino (beef stew) with potato and peas. All washed down with a lovely local red wine called ciliegiolo. (It might be better to share a main course next time, though.)

They had run out of lemon sorbet and because Paola looked so disappointed, they asked if we could wait and after ten minutes or so a glass of lemon sorbet arrived, made especially. This was not like any lemon sorbet I have had. A mix of lemon juice, limoncello liqueur and prosecco made into a slush-puppy for grown ups.

I like it here.


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