Vegan Night

So tonight we stumbled into our local wine bar planning to have a light snack of ham, salami and cheese only to find that Gigi was hosting a vegan evening. The chef was Sebastian (originally from the Isle of Lewis, but resident in Italy for many years). The evening was an interesting mix of flavours and guests. We started with a beetroot timbale with a pistachio crust served with two sauces: pea and peppermint, and beetroot and rosemary. This was followed by a salad of red cabbage with daisy, marigold and borage garnish, and a sweet potato cake topped with fried chicory served with a lavender sauce.

For pudding there were chocolate and cashew nut brownies topped with fresh raspberries (definitely the healthy option).

This was served with a vegan red wine and a sparkling wine from Franciacorta.

Not at all what we were expecting but another fascinating surprise from our new home.



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