Autumn mists and the gas man

Hooray, the nice man from the gas board arrived early and released the gas. Now we have radiators and hot water so tomorrow we can set up camp and say goodbye to the lovely calming environment here at our home from home B & B La Vecchia Tenenza. Run by Marco who also owns the bar-to-be-seen-in on a Friday night, downstairs. Thanks Marco for giving us a beautiful room that Daisy loves, and a great breakfast, and for asking if we are all right and have everything we need every time we see him. Bless.

Spent most of the dismal, wet and misty morning cleaning The House, again. Exciting purchase of the day was some door mats and one even has sunflowers on it! Now all we have to try and do is to stop Daisy from barking when the cathedral (Il Duomo) clock bell rings. She seems to think it’s the doorbell.  Problem is, the bell strikes the hours, half hours and quarters. 

Everything stops for lunch of a ‘fritto misto’: a plate of fried seafood, prawns, small squid and whitebait.  Had a tomato salad as a healthy touch. Jamie got stuck into a plate of ‘farfalle’ butterfly-shaped pasta with a courgette, salmon and cream sauce.  Shared a Crema Catalana, which is a creme brulee. Surprised we could do anything after that and a glass of white. But Serenella’s was full as usual, with builders, including our plumber and local police officers so it’s obviously what you do.

Lovely view of the valley once the mist had lifted this afternoon. Walking Daisy around trying get inspiration for new doors from some of the other houses in the historic centre of town.  Met an elderly man returning from pruning his olive trees who stopped to chat, having spotted Daisy. Had a problem understanding him as he spoke so quckly and with the local accent but we kept nodding, smiling and agreeing.  He did ask why so many Italians want to go to England and so many English want to come to Umbria? What to say? The weather and the food is good enough reason for now…..


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