Villas in the Mist

We woke this morning to thick fog.  Walking Daisy to the park we noticed the local football team were playing (Unione Sportivo Dilletantistica Pievese – the Pieve Union of Sports Dilletants). From the stands, you couldn’t see the ball so it was a bit surreal as shadowy figures darted about and people cheered invisible goals and passes. On to Marco’s for a coffee and apricot croissant (cornetto alla marmelata) at 11am alongside other inhabitants enjoying their first proseccos and campari seccos of the day.  We need to get into serious training.  By lunchtime the fog had cleared a little to reveal that we had been in the clouds and now those clouds had fallen into the valleys surrounding town, leaving us with the sun.  Stopped to chat with some old geezers roasting chestnuts outside the church (too bad they weren’t quite ready).

Decided to lunch at our favourite restaurant “Bruno Coppetta.”  We should have booked as the place was heaving with family groups and friends; we thought a Sunday in Late November – no problem!  Should keep this place more of a secret because in summer it really will be impossible to get into.  Anyway, they found us a lovely table by the window so Daisy could lie down.  Thought I might be getting a cold so opted for the chicken broth followed by grilled cockerel served with caramelised onions and sauteed beets. Jamie shared the latter as he had a huge bowl of risotto with saffron, peas and porcini mushrooms. A tangy lemon ice cream for dessert and a leisurely stroll home.


We took a trip to Chiusi, our local larger town (also where the nearest station is) to buy a toilet roll holder and some hooks- exciting stuff. The fog returned on the way back and now, walking around our little medieval town, it looks like scenes out of a Dickens novel.


Quick Campari in the Bar Degli Artisti to use the Wi-Fi and exhausted now but need to pop in to see Gigi in the Cantina del Saltapicchio wine bar to give him a box of Walkers doggy-shaped shortbreads as a thank you for the wooden wine box, now doing great service as a bedside table.  Been trying to translate “One good turn deserves another,” but not sure about “Un atto buono merita un altro”. Will try it out in the wine bar and see, then home for some bread and cheese, walnuts and superbly beautiful, glossy apples from South Tirol.



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  1. What I need to know is…………how much weight have you gained ????!!!!!! But I live the thought of prosecco at 11am 😀. What a fabulous time you’re all having. Particularly like the phot of Daisy Dog sitting on the rug checking everything out! Big hugs xxxx


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