Market Day

Saturday is when the stalls appear in the main square and side streets. We haven’t had the opportunity to see this before as Saturday is usually departure day if you fly from Pisa.  Clothing and shoes, kitchenware and handbags but quite an average affair. The best stalls were the cheese, salami and fresh fruit and veg. Now is the season for walnuts and chestnuts, and black truffles.
We went to the ‘Commune’ (Town Hall) to register our existence at the house and to order our bins for the different sorts or recycling.  Compostable is collected three times a week, plastic one day and paper and card in another.  We also were given our key for the general rubbish bins which are outside of the city in different locations depending on your street address.  I think I am already confused, but the highlight of this story was the Commune building.  Filled with huge stone staircases, fantastic painted frescoes and plaster mouldings and they very kindly showed me around so I could take these pictures.

Checked out of the B & B (thank you Marco).  Moved everything to The House and had our first meal, with the French doors open, to admire the view. Quite a moment and more comfortable than imagined thanks to our dear friend Antonella. She was our estate agent and hugely helpful but is now, sadly, having to clear her mother’s flat (which I know only too well, is so hard) and so has been working for days trying to empty stuff – when along come Paola and Jamie. Now we have a dining table and six chairs,  cups, bowls, plates, glasses, a step ladder, laundry rack, nut crackers and a funny silver tweezer for removing olives from jars – an essential bit of kit we have realised we need.

Daisy has decided the inflatable beds are great fun and also likes lying on the balcony watching stuff going on. The neighbours’ three cats are very put out and are keeping their distance.  

Off to the wine bar tonight to meet some of Antonella’s new clients who have bought across the way from us. They are Norwegian.

So now we are camping, with the luxury of central heating, but the only downside is the terrible shower: low water pressure and lower temperature.  


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