A sheep amongst the salvage

This morning we drove to a nearby town where, we were reliably informed, could be found a reclaimation yard. We arrived at a ramshackle group of buildings and a house whose garden was filled with terracota flowerpots of every size imaginable.  This is the realm of Mauro and is called “Il Corte del Tarlo” which translates as “The Woodworm Court”. Apart from Mauro we were also welcomed by the wonderful Gina (14 year old Alsatian), Camilla (a tame sheep) and about a dozen beautiful, but shy cats. What an incredible place, stuffed full of enormous wardrobes, sideboards and corner cupboards the size of small sheds.  No-one has room for these anymore and they languish in the open sheds and leaky-roofed outbuildings like sad echoes of more elegant times, damask curtains and silver service.

How many cats can you spot in this picture?
How many cats can you spot in this picture?

We were there on the trail of old doors and marble basins, neither of which we found but it was a fun to rummage.  If anyone is keen on 30’s or 50’s pieces this is the place though!

This evening the builder, the carpenter, the plumber and the electrician came calling along with Jary, our architect.  Hopefully everyone (except us) now understands what they are doing and when. We still need to make a few more decisions.  Lighting is really hard as it is such a tricky calculation; is it better to have too many lights which you can then switch off as necessary rather than too few and feel gloomy.  At least the kitchen is ready to be ordered, the floor tiles and wooden floors chosen, light switches and plug sockets are on stand by.  Nearly chosen the bathroom suites and tiles but keep swerving, so will probably rely on the toss of a coin.

Christmas has definitely started to arrive here.  A miniature mountain scene is ‘growing’ in the main square and the shops are trying to outdo each other with their decorations.  Where will we be this Christmas?


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  1. When Paola says “tame sheep,” that doesn’t begin to cover it. She came rushing up to greet us, shoving the Alsatian out of the way, and then followed us around as we explored the sheds and barns.


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