Decisions, decisions, decisions …

Yesterday the various builders agreed that work could start at the beginning of January. They think it should only take a couple of months and could be finished by the end of February. We are both rather sceptical about that, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

That probably means we will be back in the UK for Christmas and then over to Italy again for the start of work…

This morning we went to the architect’s office to find out how much their services are going to cost us. After the first couple of pages of itemised prices, there was a total figure. “That looks pretty good,” I thought. Then Daniela turned the page and continued with three more pages of detail. The final total was slightly eye-watering but, at about 10% of the total cost, about what we expected.

Next, back to the flooring company to reconsider our choice of wooden flooring. The sample he brought over yesterday just looked too yellow in the house. We eventually chose something a little more rustic and natural looking. Argued briefly over whether to save a little by going for laminate instead of wood in the attic room. But in the end, quality won out.

Then over to the bathroom shop to discuss new ideas for the bathroom and review the choices of tiles and taps. Think we have finally come to a decision. Gave Debora a budget to work to, and now await her estimate with fingers crossed.

Finally, to the falegname (carpenter) to discuss replacement doors, windows and shutters. Showed him examples of doors we have seen around town. Another scary estimate in preparation (even though we decided not to use the individually hand-forged mediaeval nails at €3.50 each – see pictures of local doors and number of studs required).

Got back to Citta della Pieve at about 8 o’clock. Just in time for a glass of wine at Gigi’s before heading home for sausage and mash.


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