In The Garden

Bit of a lazy day started with shopping for bread. In the supermarket car park, spotted a Gucci-styled Fiat 500 with smart matching wheel hubs. 

In celebration of finding some fresh ginger, decided to cook at home.  We had “Bhikoo’s Eggs” a recipe from an old Josceline Dimbleby recipe book for Sainsburys, pre Jamie Oliver.  It is so easy and involves frying off some ginger, onions, fresh green chilli and a clove of garlic in some oil. Once softened add two sliced bananas (not too ripe) and when these have warmed through make a well in the centre of the pan and break in two eggs. Cover with lid until whites are cooked. Serve. At home turmeric would be added at the beginning fry-0ff but this might be the closest we get to “foreign” here as supermarkets do not seem to stock the huge range of spices we are spoilt with in England. 

Spent the afternoon in the garden clearing weeds and cutting back boring shrubs, in order to get an idea of what we have beneath the undergrowth.  One of the local cats sat on the wall and watched disinterestedly. 

Although I am depressed about our house being the only medieval house on the block without any original beams, at least we have a garden paved with original terracotta tiles. Removed a couple of elderflowers and weeded. Beneath all this found a white hellebore and some irises.  The knotty old climbers are honeysuckles but will probably have to come out; I will see how they perform first, and we may be grateful for the shade in the summer. More of a problem is next door’s garden and a bay laurel hedge and persimmon tree that are in serious need of a prune.  As the resident of the house only uses it for holidays we may have to guerrilla garden a bit. They have the medieval tower too but suppose I cannot ask them to move that so we can improve the view and the sunny aspect.

Time for supper and a wander around checking out more local doors for inspiration. On the way to the restaurant, we passed through the main square where they were giving away bags of freshly roasted chestnuts for free. Delicious!

Supper at Bistrot del Duca was casseroled rabbit with fried beets and wild boar with polenta. Perfect for a winter evening. 


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