Feast day of Our Lady

Today is a bank holiday and everyone in town is making the most of the lovely sunshine; sitting outside the cafes, drinking their cappucinos and reading the newspaper to discover that yet another Prime Minister has been forced to resign after setting up a referendum. They just don’t learn. In the case of Italy, another Prime Minister doesn’t seem to worry them too much and life goes on…..(I wonder what the total is since WW2 …)

There seems to be a display of regional cakes and pastries in Palazzo Corgna. We will check it out for the benefit of our readers.  (OK we have checked out the cake stand and come away with a piece of apple and pine nut streudel and an apple and amaretti sponge.)

img_0161 img_0162

It is such a lovely crisp and sunny winter day that we have decided to go to Todi.  This is another medieval hilltop town about 64kms from here.  We arrived around three o’clock and parked below the old town. There is a free lift that takes you up into the town. As the shops hadn’t re-opened yet it was quite peaceful and we were able to take some nice photos.  There was an ice rink in the main square and this was very popular, although the accompanying blast of Bing Crosby singing Christmas songs was a bit odd.  It’s great wandering around out of season, even if it is busy with local Christmas crowds, but you can imagine how busy it must be in the summer months.

dscn2040 dscn2046  dscn2070  img_0166 img_0167 dscn2065 img_0170 img_0171 img_0174 img_0175  img_0180 img_0181

Returned home with a very exhausted fox terrier as she is getting so much more exercise here; coming everywhere with us, even restaurants.  Supper (cooked on our one ring induction hob) of bean puree on toast topped with sauteed chicory with a little garlic,  steak in a pizzaiola sauce (tomato, oregano, basil) and a green salad.  Took delivery this evening of 5 litres of freshly pressed olive oil courtesy of our friend Alessandro and family.  It is emerald green in colour and smells like fresh grass cuttings.


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