The Architect’s Office

Today’s first appointment was at the Architect’s office where we would meet the builder, review the contract of works between him and ourselves and also sign said pages and pages of contract as the architects will now project manage it all.  A very kind American friend, who also has a small house here, has kindly offered to let us use it until she gets back in February so we can be here to watch over things in the comfort of a home with proper wi-fi and maybe a washing machine!

We also wandred around the Palazzo Corgna which houses our library and the local job centre.  This beatiful building is in a bit of a bad state of repair since it was bought from a local family several decades ago. It still has a certain faded grandeur and beautiful painted walls and ceilings in many rooms that are used for public functions.

img_0159 img_0155 img_0156 img_0157 img_0158 img_0160

Planted my tulip bulbs in pots along the garden wall and hope they are spectacular.  They are all different shapes and heights but all orange, of course.  The secretary in the architect’s office has promised me some saffron bulbs in the spring, so that we can grow our own in pots.  Really exciting as they are very pretty as well as fragrant.


This evening we are off to Bruno Coppetta’s for supper with friends and it is fast becoming our favourite place to eat so far……


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