Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Not sure if our festive contribution to the street started something but as mentioned in an earlier post, a few others have also made an attempt. Now though we have five different Father Christmases endeavouring to clamber over window sills and dragging fairy lights.

The shops here have put on a lovely show of decorations, some more successful than others, but it all looks very festive. Here are some of the best.

Wine bar, Saltapicchio
Our local butcher
Caffe Marconi
The local laundry (yes, the wreath is a jumper)

The odd thing is that the up-market furniture shop had the worst example; a trio of lanky polystyrene fir trees surrounded by fairy lights. A bit of a potential fire risk anyway but then they sprayed blobs of bronze to signify baubles, which dripped down the trees and each time we walked past they had come unstuck from the window and were lying in a heap on the floor.  Maybe it was a post-modern expression of disenchantment with the commercialisation of Christmas, but somehow don’t think so as the dining table on display alone costs nearly £2000.  It doesn’t deserve blog space either.

The main square and most of the streets now also have their decorations up:

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the financial advisor (la commercialista) to find out whether we should procede with residency or just have the houuse as a ‘second home’.  Then it’s off to the vet for Daisy’s last injection and stamp in her passport so that she can return to the UK.  Finally, we need to move some stuff over to our new temporary home which we saw today. It is a beautiful restoration on two floors a few streets from us (but then everything is a few streets from us) and so will be perfect for when we return and the building work begins.  Tonight we will treat ourselves to a final supper at Bruno Coppetta’s and a final fix of white truffle.

The return journey to the UK will probably be a bit arduous and little time for blogging so to all our chums, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and the best wishes for a happier and healthier 2017!


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