The gods were definitely on our side When we went visit the ‘Commercialista’ Accountant/ Financial Advisor, as recommended by our dear friend Antonella.  We went to discuss the tax implications of having the house here as our main home and getting residency so we can benefit from the 50% restoration rebate and also from a 65 % rebate on the costs of energy saving improvements such as new windows, insulation etc.

Roberto and his colleague Paola (yes there is another one!) went through it all and also pointed out the little fact that as house owners with residency we are liable to pay tax since September, when we bought it and now, December, the end of their financial year.  This had to be paid before the 16th December and he completed all the necessary forms for us to take to the bank and thus avoiding a penalty for late payment.  He did not charge us for his time or for the preparation of the documents, saying that we would be new clients and so he hoped to see us next year.  Could anyone ever imagine this happening in the UK? But he is obviously a really nice guy as he breeds Yorkshire Terriers and has about fifteen so, as we had taken Daisy to the meeting, we had a little ‘Terrier’ chat too!

It was very foggy that morning after a week of sunshine.  Daisy has now had here final tablet so she re-enter the UK, which we did at a vets that was recommended by several dog/cat owning friends as being the best.  For those of a nervous disposition I have refrained from posting pics of the place but I hope Daisy dog will now appreciate the facilities at Golden Valley, Nailsea and not throw quite such a hissy fit on being taken there.  The vet, Caterina, was very nice and kind, despite three of us having to try and get the damn dog to swallow the two halves of tablet. I can’t imagine some of the injuries they see with hunting dogs here, as there are so many wild boar in the countryside around and hunters aren’t usually very sensitive to animal welfare. We have heard some dreadful tales of traps, and dogs being caged and left half starving to make them better at hunting and luckily we haven’t had a run in with any yet.


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