An Inspector Calls

Quiet day today. Went to the Notaio’s office to collect the final copies of the house purchase agreement and registration documents, the Italian version of Land Registry. We then headed out of town to another blacksmithy. This one is also in Ponticelli, just outside of town and had been recommended as very creative and reasonably priced. Their showroom was amazing and full of beautifully made furniture and decorative objects in iron. In particular, there was a sofa and armchair in a Napoleonic style; quite square and simple with sumptuous blue velvet cushions. Also a bar table, the base of which was an iron work bench upcycled with a solid wood countertop. There were bedsteads and screens, towel rails and outdoor furniture in all kinds of styles. This will be the place to come for the outdoor dining table, eventually. We were there though to discuss replacing our wooden Alpine-style bannisters with something in iron and more in keeping with the age and style of the house.

Another lunch at home, this time the basket contains ingredients for tagliatelle alla carbonara followed by fresh ricotta and honey, from Alessandro’s bees, for pud.

After lunch we had a visit from our local police officer, checking to see we are resident, and living in the house. So that’s another bridge crossed or box ticked.

There is a play on at the theatre tonight called ‘Weekend’ which looks like a drama. As we’re not doing anything else we thought we would go and see how much we understand. Quite a few restaurants in town are closed in January for their holidays, we presume before the season gets going. Amongst them are our favourites Bruno Coppetta and Saltapicchio so just as well we are returning home for a week or two…..


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