Return of The Vegan

This morning after a late breakfast we headed out to a nearby town called Moiano. We had heard tell of a carpentry workshop (falegname) there and thought we would get an alternative quote for the windows, shutters, internal dooors, external doors – the list is growing but if winters here are going to be like this one, we need to have better insulation.

The father and son who run the workshop also make beautiful furniture. We saw sleigh beds, sideboards, enormous dining tables and chairs, all made in house. One chair in particular was huge and in the form of a half circle with panelled sides and called a lawyer’s chair. Intended for a portly character to sit with his elbows resting at shoulder height on the sidearms, giving an air of importance. We may have to get one! They are so busy however that they cannot promise anything before the end of April!

Back to Serenella’s for a quick lunch and then home. Spent the afternoon working on a wedding for a couple I met last year who are planning a very interesting ceremony at Maunsel House in Somerset.

After all our messing about applying for residency, the start of work has been delayed slightly until the builder has finished his current job. The plumber is due to arrive the second week of February to disconnect everything ready for the builder to begin the following week. That means no central heating, no water, no loo or shower, and so we will be moving into a friend’s place for a week or two ready for the serious work to start on the 13th.

Tonight we went to Saltapicchio wine bar and risked the vegan meal again. First course was a vegetable terrine and mustard vinaigrette, which was delicious. The second consisted of pickled figs on a bed of crunchy salad and spicy refried beans, served on a chickpea crepe. Personally, the second course was one step too far in the carb department, but pudding of carob brownie and cashew nut cream cheese, topped with bitter chocolate, was good. [Jamie thinks the second course was delicious but the pudding was a bit stodgy.]

Back home now and tomorrow is another day.


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