We went for a walk with Daisy this morning and took the road past Santa Lucia, outside of the walls in what passes for the suburbs.  I really like to peek at the villas and their gardens, and there are some great examples of classic fifties and sixties building, perfect for the retro and Scandinavian hygge lovers.  Have tried to take some photos but people are very suspicious if you are snapping photos of ordinary houses even if you explain that you are interested in the styles, so different from our own.  I suppose I would be the same if someone took such interest in Ivy Cottage, Nailsea.

Personally I prefer the Italian version of Georgian style.  A square, elegant villa with steps or portico to a grand entrance but only one window either side and the same above.  Usually surrounded by a lovely garden, in this case pine trees and lawn – perfect.  This one is very unloved and possibly abandoned but we just happened by when an elderly custodian was opening the gates.  I asked if I could come in and take a picture as I liked the house which seemed to surprise him a bit.

Further along the road and opposite the rather luxurious Hotel Logge del Perugino, is an ‘interesting’ take on a Palladian villa.  Impressive, if a little monolithic entrance and gates lead to a cypress lined driveway and a classic styled white villa with an impressive covered portico and large arched windows.  Two things though…. why don’t the pots on the porch match? And who gave permission for what looks like flat replacement windows on the facade? Ho hum, I’m just jealous of the scale and grounds.  With a garden that big I could have herds of Airedale Terriers wandering majestically across the lawns.

For our horsey chums – on the walk back we were passed by two gentlemen on horseback; not the beautiful specimens we are used to seeing at home though (I am talking about the horses and the riders!)

Time for a coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice in the winter sunshine outside Bar degli Artisti and then home.  This is the season for Sicilian blood oranges and satsumas so we need a juice squeezer.  Tomorrow is market day so we should find one there.



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