A Little Night Music

Another wet and windy day. Just like being back in the UK on a typical February day.

We moved more stuff from the house, deflated the inflatable beds and had lunch at Dandy’s: bruschetta, followed by grilled prawns for me and fillets of sea bass for Jamie with oven roasted potatoes with black olives.

Daisy is now wearing her coat so that she doesn’t get too wet and grubby whilst we are in a friends’ house. She doesn’t mind it and would certainly let us know if she did!

Lengthy walks with Daisy back and forth from the house to that of our friend meant that she was quite tired by late afternoon, when we got a call to see another potential flat for rent. This one is bigger, has two bedrooms, a good sized kitchen, a living/dining room, separate utility room plus a small balcony.  A bit more expensive but, considering the space, worth it, as we might have to stay there for more than three months if the building work hits a snag or one of the many suppliers fails to supply on time.

At five o’clock we went to the theatre to a concert by a string trio, Trio Quodlibet, who met and formed whilst they were studying at the Italian Conservatoire in Lugano.  They seemed very young but were talented and played an interesting programme of pieces from Mozart and Boccherini, through to Schubert and finally to the 20th century with a piece by Hans Krása, who we hadn’t heard of before.  It was very good but not that well attended which was surprising as February is a quiet month and the weather so bad. Maybe it shows how many inhabitants are away this time of the year.  One box held a particularly cultured and discerning classical music fan (not sure we could trust Daisy not to start “heckling” in the middle of the concert).

The concert was over at the sensible hour of seven o’clock allowing for a dinner reservation at Bruno Coppetta’s at 8:30. We had a nice bowl of broth with capelletti then roast pork with porcini mushroom sauce for me, while Jamie chose the roast chicken with caramelised onions. When we have a more permanent “temporary” home, with a real kitchen, we should save quite a lot by eating in!

Quick walk back to our temporary home and the luxury of a bath. Not sure about living without one but daren’t mention this to anyone…… [She has been going on about it all day.]


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