Water Works (or not)

We thought we would visit Perugia as there are several furniture stores, a lighting shop that looked interesting and the local equivalent of B&Q.  And we had been told that we needed to visit the water company there …

Arriving in time for lunch we stopped at a burger restaurant called, imaginatively, Burger & Fry with no great expectations.  But inside we looked at the impressive menu of the day and also the usual burger list and were stuck for choice.  After a starter of sweet potato chips and deep-fried sage leaves, I went for the chicken salad and Jamie had a burger.  The photos show how generous the portions were but more than that it was obviously really popular because of the quality of the food.

After lunch we wanted to sort out our water bill and notify them we were now resident to get a lower tariff and set up a direct debit.  We arrived just after their lunch hour at around 2:40 and our ticket was 82.  The sign said 75 so we were hopeful of a speedy visit. How wrong could we be.  One man was being seen when we arrived and was still there when we left two hours later!  One other assistant was dealing with everyone else.  When we were finally seen and the room was full of at least twenty other people, the assistant told us that the rules on residency had changed on the 12th December and we no longer needed to notify them. Also, she couldn’t help us without the current reading from the meter. This was read by their meter man a few days ago, and he was the one who told us we needed to go to Perugia. But that wasn’t good enough and so, after a wasted two hours, we left with a form and decided to ignore it all and wait it out until a bill arrives.

A trip to the lighting shop was rather disappointing and although it was large it had less choice than the small shop in Perugia we discovered near our kitchen supplier.

The DIY shop (Leroy Merlin) will probably be useful in future, so good to know it is there.

Next we went on to the Natuzzi furniture store and sunk our weary frames into their range of leather sofas and armchairs. Lots of bargains to be had here (they even had a hidden door that led to a secret show room with special bargains) but they are all quite chunky and so we are going to head to our house with some masking tape.  That way we can actually see on the ground whether anything will fit into, or completely fill, the living room.

Another nearby furniture store (Chateau d’Ax) had a huge range of all sorts of furniture and very stylish kitchens.  The average cost of an ex-display kitchen was about €12,000 discounted by 70%.  Great saving, but wow!

Back home now to a simple home-cooked meal of minestrone, fresh bread and runny gorgonzola, and the left over chicken salad from lunch.  It was a huge salad!


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