On the move again…

Today we packed our bags and moved from our friends house to our new flat. This one is on the second floor so we should be really fit by the time we leave. It is a short walk to our house, but still in the centre of town. This time we are near the bars and restaurants rather than the theatre and town hall.

It is lovely and light and has a covered terrace to dry washing although at the moment it’s still quite chilly. Easier to take it to the laundrette, sit in the warmth, play a few games of solitaire on the iPad and chat to local ladies. They have changed their floral arrangement from small fir trees to lavender plants so spring must be expected quite soon. Still suffering from a sore throat so went to the butchers to buy half a boiling chicken and some beef ribs. Have now got a large stock pot simmering and am looking forward to a bowl of soup with vermicelli pasta.

Probably will pop into Saltapicchio Wine Bar later as it is Friday night and there is going to be a gathering of friends. Rumour has it that Gigi is preparing fish appetizers and some good wine. I always have a glass of Franciacorta when I go there. It is like Prosecco but slightly less fruity. When we arrived the seafood appetizers were a selection of sashimi razor clams, oysters, clams scampi, prawns and an amazing tuna tartare.

It was a botanical gin evening so we watched as Gigi prepared Jamie’s gin and tonic by setting fire to a rosemary branch, trapping the smoke in a glass, adding the ice and gin, pieces of liquorice root, juniper berries and finally the tonic. I had a glass of Sicilian white wine. Lots of Rolling Stones, Elvis, Beatles and J J Cale later we thought about leaving. My throat was sore so I had a Montenegro Amaro with hot water. Purely for medicinal purposes, you understand. We got to meet a wonderful couple, an American guy and his partner who live near Lake Trasimeno but more importantly, run a film club on the last Friday of every month. One half of this interesting couple used to be a locations director for Italian film companies so we are expecting interesting times….


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