Leaving on an Easyjet plane

On my way back to Città della Pieve after what feels like a month.  Leaving a miserable grey and drizzly Bristol behind and heading into the clouds, and a journey of two hours to Rome Fiumicino Airport.

Had to check in a bag as the weight kept mounting up (I hope the baggage drop will not hold me up for too long): it’s the weight of all the rhubarb I am carting back for English chums.  It is not to be found anywhere and yet I think the Romans brought it to England and so should grow quite happily even here.  (Turns out that I was thinking of parsnips; rhubarb came from Asia in the 14th C, or something. Whatevs.)

It can’t be found, even in Veneto where my family are. Rhubarb crumble was a huge favourite of visiting cousins and so, in a shady corner of the little garden at Città, I’m going to give it a go.  Makes you appreciate all sorts of things when you live abroad… The suitcase also contains avocados, green tea bags, Mexican fajitas powder, Thai curry paste, tortilla wraps and tofu.  That should help over the next few months when saffron risotto, steak with porcini mushrooms and the 57 different pizza suggestions have lost their appeal.

Arrive in the afternoon and have decided to go back by train to Chiusi, our nearest station.  Seems like a good way to check out how easy (or not) the journey is for potential guests. The station is across the road from the terminal at Fiumicino (see Labyrinths) and then a short train journey to Roma Termini (the main station).  Have decided to ‘go large’ on the train to Chiusi, which takes around an hour and a half, by booking First Class for the princely sum of €19.50.

Looking forward to seeing what progress has been made on the house and also Daisy-dog and Jamie (not necessarily in that order though).  No blogging from Mr P whilst I have been away which either means he has been leading a Zen-like spiritual retreat from the world of bathrooms, radiators and terracotta tiles OR he’s been out every evening and not had a moment between aperitivi to string a blog together…

[Actually, he has been going over electrical wiring and lighting plans in ever more insane detail. Can now convert from foot-candles to lumens-per-square-metre in his head.]

It was lovely to catch up with chums, even if only by phone, while back in the UK and thanks to everyone for that.


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