Before and After

We thought it might be about time to show some photos of the house before the building work started and in its now trashed state.  Today the walls and floors were being drilled out to allow for the central heating pipes and electrical cable.

The Kitchen

Building work is cracking on though, and with no major hiccups.  Appears the house was re-structured about twenty years ago, when they gutted it totally, removing all the floors to the roof space (That explains the lack of any original features like beams and tiled ceilings). Then they replaced the floors and wall supports with reinforced concrete.  Presumably, they also relocated the staircase to the centre of the house.  This was a great move as our neighbours all have a staircase leading up from the entrance hall, making the rooms much more narrow.

The Stairs

The floors have great iron rods and mesh in them, which has been a bit of a nightmare for the plumber putting in the new pipes for bathrooms and central heating.  The builder joked that in an earthquake ours might be the only house left standing. (God forbid; last earthquake here was in 1895…..checked before we signed on dotted line) But, reassuringly, he also said that the work was done to a very high standard.

The Living Room

No woosey hardhats, ear defenders or goggles on this site.  I mentioned to the guy pneumatic drilling through a wall, that it would be better to wear safety specs rather than lose an eye and thereby jeopardise his livelihood.  A shrug and a smile and EU safety regs are left at the doorstep.

The Bathroom

A Guest Bedroom

No work can start on the outside yet, as the balcony, external doors and shutters and velux roof light are all still awaiting planning permission.  Another decision will have to be the colour of the internal doors and shutters as they can be ordered soon.  We have decided on a neutral lichen colour for these, or as they call it here, “back-of-an-olive-leaf”.  This will lighten the rooms and be a neutral base for most of our other choices.  Hopefully, we will get permission to have the shutters the same colour.

It was a really blustery day here and so we didn’t venture far.  Daisy had a good brush and shampoo, I changed the beds and realised that since being here, I haven’t ironed ANYTHING!  It must be months now, but as we are always wearing jumpers and jeans we feel quite liberated.  Sheets and towels were too big to launder at home and so went to the laundry.  Now we have a washing machine and drying room those heady iron-free days are coming to an end.

Today is pancake day by British standards, and so Jamie made his usual stack of delicious crepes to celebrate, despite having no weighing scales.



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