Three go to the Lake

Popped around to the house this morning to tell the builder not to remove the living room door frame.  He was a bit held up by the fact the plumber wasn’t there. He might arrive later today or tomorrow (which in builder speak probably means the latter).  The plumbing is holding up everything now as there are lots of new gas and water pipes to be installed for the new central heating system the new kitchen as well as the three bathrooms.  Builder Maurizio could get on with building the new wall separating the garage from the utility room and repairing the exposed brick and stone in the hall, but really needs the plumber there to get on with the main work.

We went in to the cotto floor tile makers to say we need them as soon as possible as work is proceeding so well. Apparently, they are better laid on damp concrete and then the walls are plastered after. This seemed odd to us, but apparently it is because the terracotta tiles, once laid, can force moisture up the sides of the wall and this needs to dry before the final wall finishes are applied.  How expert are we? The wooden floors have to wait until last.

I am really liking the staircase without bannisters but, by law, they will have to be there. Which makes me wonder how our friend got away with with her sweeping flight of open stairs. It looks really nice and open and light without them, and only small children might be at risk. Or small dogs with bad eyesight.

Popped into the salvage yard to see if there was anything of interest. Gina the elderly Alsatian was busy sunbathing but was happy to see us once we produced a dog chew.  Camilla the sheep has gone back to the farm because she had stripped the ground bare. But she doesn’t get on with the herd, is kept in a separate fold, and still goes out for walks with the family.  The chickens were all wandering around with the cats in the yard and I asked how he collected the eggs, at which he produced a basket of pretty multicoloured examples and gave us five to taste how wonderful they are.

On to another reclamation yard. This time less architectural salvage, more garden furniture and house clearance.  Picked up an amazing retro mirror for the downstairs cloakroom.  It is really sixties with little round lights in chrome fittings; the mirror has a smokey border and a clear centre.  I love it and Jamie likes the price of €15. Compared to some of the stuff we have seen, this is a total bargain.

By now we were three quarters of the way to Lake Trasimeno so we thought we would go for lunch and check out a restaurant that someone on Trip Advisor described as their favourite in the world. EVER.  It is in the centre of the old town but we managed to get a table (it is out of season but it was pretty busy) and, as expected, the menu specialised in lake fish but also other interesting dishes.   My starter was a creamy chickpea soup with rosemary, clams and prawns.  Jamie had a trio of brushettas with various smoked lake-fish toppings: perch, eel and tench. Main courses were a carpaccio of local Chianina beef served with a grilled pecorino and acacia honey toast, and ravioli of burrata mozarella with mint served on a creamy saffron sauce.  Desserts of pistacchio mousse with an amaretti cream, and a pannacotta with grape must and chestnut syrup.  Two coffees and time for a leisurely stroll around town. Home is only 14 miles away.


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