Festa della Donna

I don’t remember anything in particular happening in Nailsea to celebrate the 8th of March as ‘International Women’s Day‘ but here in Citta della Pieve, and all over Italy, it is a big celebration, Festa della Donna, with the mimosa flower as it’s symbol.

Chocolates with mimosa and sprigs of this flowering tree were everywhere, not only for partners to give to their wives and girlfriends, but also women exchange small bunches or branches with each other.  I collected a bunch and two sprigs!  One from D at our architects’ office, who has a tree in her garden, one from the restaurant at lunchtime. Even the coffee bar had special sugar sachets to mark the occasion.

There were two lectures in the afternoon, both free and in the Palazzo Corgna.  The first on the artist and Renaissance woman, Artemisia Gentileschi, and the second on the role of women in literature.  It was very interesting, even though I couldn’t follow everything. On entry everyone female was given a small spray of the frothy yellow flowers.  Even the coffee bar had special sugar sachets to mark the occasion.




  1. In Italy, La Festa della Donna tends to have a symbolic flavor, reminiscent of Mother’s Day. With each mimosa blossom, we are recognizing women’s economic, political, and social achievements over the last century, which have been sizable. Of course, progress is ongoing.


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