That sinking feeling

At the house (this afternoon) the electrician had been there! The plumber assured us that he was in the last phase of the work and that he and the electrician would have completed their first stage by tomorrow.  Good news for the builder as he went off to complete a ‘small’ job of repairing the old wall of the town until that was all done.

Then went down to Cappoccia’s marble yard. They are one of our local marble suppliers and can make door surrounds, shower trays, sinks and basins and basically anything out of marble or stone.  I was interested to know how much a sink for the utility room would cost.  The price is on a par with a ceramic rectangular version which is good value for a bespoke piece.  Just not sure if it will be wasted next to washing machines and piles of laundry.  Could be an idea for our bedroom though.

Breaking news: the shower trays have arrived.


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