One small step

We are one tiny step closer to having a real house.  We went to Poggiani, the bathroom suppliers, to collect the floor tiles that had arrived.  It was so exciting to see the pallet in the yard with our name on and heaps of tiles. We only took the ones for the bathroom floors as the walls are tiles aren’t needed until all the floors are laid and thoroughly dried.

When we got back we found the house a hive of activity. The builders had stripped the roof terrace of old tiles and were busy taking delivery of bags of cement for the floors. Added to this, the plumber was finishing the radiator connections and the electrician installing underfloor conduits for cables – all a bit last minute seeing as they have had the last five weeks to do this rather than the last afternoon! The builders have now laid the first concrete screed, up on the attic floor. This may be the dullest photo we will ever post, but it feels like we have turned a milestone (to mix metaphors).

There was also a truck to remove all the builder’s waste from the garden. This was the best thing of all!  It is so wonderful to be able to see the garden again without the old doors, old pipes, scrap metal and general rubbish.


Another rather unexpected bonus was that the gardener from the next door neighbour’s had come to prune back the hedge. He also pruned the persimmon tree; rather brutally, as I enjoy a persimmon in the autumn and the fruits look lovely as they remain, bright orange, on a tree without leaves.  They also get attacked by tens of starlings and, before you know it, they fall on the floor with a loud splat. So maybe that trim was a good move.

This evening we ate in. A plate of bresaola (air-dried beef) with rucola and shavings of Parmesan. Followed by fresh pears and some delicious creamy Gorgonzola and fresh bread from the artisan baker that is in town on Tuesday mornings.  We also bought two hot cross buns from him as he obviously has a Brit clientele but these were nothing like our own dear buns and of more use in hand-to-hand combat.  Jamie will have to improve this baking skills or else we will bring some back and keep them in the freezer for special guests. (You know who you are.)


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