Sofa Saga

Up early this morning for a trip to Perugia. And we were on a mission: to find a furniture store and, what’s more, a furniture store with comfortable sofas that might fit our living room. We have sat on loads, but like Goldilocks, they were always too big, too hard, too expensive, too flimsy or too ‘designer’ as they say here.

First, though, we went and collected our lights for the stairs and landings. Exciting stuff, and we just had to unwrap one in order to have a peek. Layers and layers of packaging later the little white, beaten-metal lamp appeared. This was a bit of a scary moment as we had ordered them from a company brochure rather than having seen a ‘live’ one. Still hard to imagine them on the walls (and it will be months before they can be installed).

Then our next stop. An Italian version of B & Q, called Leroy Merlin. This is the French equivalent, actually, but a great place for the brushes, rollers, cover-alls, filler etc. and everything required to sort out the walls, get them paintedso the house will look finished. The paint effects, coloured stripes and olive swags will have to wait.

For now we are doing it ourselves and saving the estimated €4,000 euro for the work.  This will go towards the furnishings and white goods, as we are now on the road to Brexit and who knows what might happen with he pound. We have already had extra expenses and there are things like the new balcony and railings yet to come.

On this subject we are still awaiting the local Comune’s decision on the windows, doors and shutters.  Must be three months by now; the carpenter is waiting to make them and the builder is waiting to install them.

After a delicious lunch at the ever friendly Burger and Fry outside of Perugia we planned the next stop on our quest: two more furniture stores we noticed alongside the motorway on our way to Norcia last weekend.  Burger was great by the way – a special of local Chianina beef with gazpacho, celery and Parmesan shavings and bacon. Also, spotted a Ferrari-branded Fiat 500 in the car park. I wonder how much extra you have to pay for ‘that’ red and the logo…


Anyway, on with the sofa quest. One store was hopeless and mainly kitchens but the other was full of lovely things. The most beautiful were the most uncomfortable but there were two that were just the ticket.  However the price of the hand-tooled, elephant-hide look creation with top stitched detail, narrowed the field in one fell swoop. So grey tweed it is, with great squidgy cushions and comfy seating for watching telly and relaxing. I am so fed up of sofas that make you sit upright like you are waiting to see the dentist or some posh therapist.

We also fell for a modern twist on a wing chair. This too was really comfy and the bullion trim gives it a bit of a medieval twist. Decided to splash out on a bit of colour though with a Jean-Paul Gaultier cushion in a pop-art design and bright turquoise velvet back. Am feeling a turquoise ‘accent’ coming upon me. But at these prices, it will mean a trip to TK Maxx on my return to the UK.

Back home now as it is already past 8 o’clock and we are out to dinner at 9 with friends in our local fish restaurant. It is always good at ‘da Laura’ and tonight, after a starter for me of octopus salad and Jamie’s ricciola (‘greater amberjack’, apparently) carpaccio, we all shared a turbot (7 of us) cooked in the oven with potatoes, capers and black olives.  What a long day as we finally got to bed at around 1am.

p.s. Just had time this morning to check on my tulips. They are out.


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