We can see clearly now

We have been camping in the house over the weekend as our friend needed her flat back.  The air beds have been inflated and a make-shift table of plastic storage boxes is now our dining area.  How much better than when we here before, cooking on one ring and having one grotty bathroom with a tepid shower.  We now have a swishy kitchen, designer bathrooms x 2, and an outside dining table under our very own grape vine with a stunning view over the Chiana valley.

Up really early this morning though as the builder is coming round with the carpenter to fit the new exterior doors and windows. This includes our beautiful chestnut front door and garage doors.  Good job we still have the floors covered with their cardboard and plastic ‘sandwich’ as the house very rapidly turned into another building site.  The original door frames had been fitted and then bricked in and so to remove them meant knocking out the bricks and mortar surrounds and refitting the new frames.  Cement, dust, bricks, 4 carpenters, 3 builders us and Daisy trying to nip at everyones ankles as they passed by, made for a chaotic scene.  The carpenters have come from their workshop in Tavernelle which is about a half hour drive away.  Our two best lunch time haunts, Serenella and Coppetta are both shut for holidays and so I offered to cook them pasta in tomato sauce for lunch. We have just bought a tumble dryer and as part of the deal we received a year’s free supply of organic pasta.  Box loads of spaghetti, penne and the like so this was a good way of using some up!

The new shutters have been hung at the back and the windows too have made such a difference to the temperature inside the house.  It is suddenly so much cooler;we’ve only had the shutters until now and the hot air blew in relentlessly.  The double glazed french doors in the kitchen and living room make the rooms appear larger and all the frames at the back of the house, as well as eventually the internal doors, are a pale mushroom colour and have worked out really well.  Diego and his team have done a great job and I cannot wait for August when the internal doors are fitted. They made an effort to get all the external doors and windows finished now so that if we left, the house would be secure and after two days work everything has been done.  The windows at the front of the house are in chestnut, as per the planning permission, and the original shutters were in quite good condition, so they have been removed for repairs and painting, which should save us a bit of cash.

The builder finished off the last of the plastering jobs this morning too and also kindly repaired the missing tiles in the garden seating area and a few gaps in the garden wall with the left over cement, so we are looking good.

Around lunchtime the shower cubicles arrived and were fitted quite quickly.  The shower company fitters were extra generous with the silicone sealer so no leaks envisaged but we may need to get the Stanley knife out.  They did have a really neat trick of folding, origami style, a cone of paper to stick on the tiles below where they had to drill fixings.  This caught the dust and saved any mess, so thank you guys. We have to wait 24 hours for the silicone to dry and then we can christen them.  We will just have to be patient a little while longer.


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