Guest trip 2: Assisi

Up early and despite ominous looking clouds, set off for Assisi.  Town car parks were not quite so full of coaches carrying pilgrims as we expected and so parked really easily.  A large police and security presence as Rai (Italian BBC) were filming a conference between believers and non-believers but despite all of this it was still possible to walk around and get a feel for the history of the place.

Quite a few lions in various forms around the place which I hadn’t realised on our previous visit at New Year.

We also came upon a house with wonderful iron work decoration of dragons and other whimsical characters, which I had not noticed before.

It was nice to see the town in the sunshine this time, and Daisy was very bemused by her close encounter with a baby wild boar outside a delicatessen, whilst we all drooled over the cannoli (sweet Sicilian deep fried pastry tubes filled with flavoured ricotta, dried fruit and chocolate) and the huge range of flavours available.




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