Here come the girls….and a boy

After days of cleaning, tidying and finishing all those little tasks around the house that you manage to overlook or ignore in going about your everyday life, the arrival of friends is imminent.  You really need this kind of threat to help prioritise what needs to be done to lift the house out of the squalor it inevitably sinks into when two people and a dog exist in it. Such as the dining table that is no longer visible because of the paperwork, magazines, spare change and carrier bags that get left in passing on its surface, the garage and its newly fitted units that are still to be filled with the overflow from the kitchen or the workshop, the kitchen worktops that are shrinking down to space enough for a chopping board because of the jars of jam, marmite, plates of tomatoes and boxes of assorted teas and coffees, eggs. Enough!  

Now things have a place and surfaces are clear and tidy.  We have a dining table that seats eight and a sideboard that just has the tv on and a garage where we can keep the mop and bucket, ironing board and washing rack, hatstand and recycling bins and still have space for shoes.  Maybe we should have guests more often to keep up the standards. The beds are made and rooms are smelling sweet, so come on Ryan Air. 

We did a quick practice run to the airport as we have never been there despite passing the sign every time we made a trip to the DIY store or Assisi. It is a small, modern airport and wouldn’t it be lovely if all airports could be like this. The arrivals are spacious and calm, the quality of the coffee in the bar is great, there is plenty of parking and it is cheap, what is not to like. 

On the day friends arrived on time and we were soon on our way home.  Jamie had picked up a hire car earlier and had headed off to the station to collect the others and we were soon all sat in our kitchen, planning the next couple of days trips and hoping that the weather would hold.  They brought with them so many goodies that I felt overwhelmed. Marmite, Branston, posh breakfast cereal, lemon grass, Marks & Spencer chocolate truffles, the list goes on they are so kind and I wish they were staying longer as it will seem a bit rushed, but we began with a leisurely walk around Citta della Pieve and ended up in Marconi’s for an aperitivo before returning home for supper.  We need to be up early tomorrow as we are heading to Orvieto.



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