On to Italy

The hotel was wonderful: Daisy decided to sleep under the bed which entailed sliding under frog-like. I then spent a restless night thinking that she she might suffocate, or bang her head ( forgetting where she was), or that we might have to dismantle ye olde four poster in order to extricate one squished fox terrier. Turns out she was fine and I have huge baggy eyes through sleep deprivation.

In the morning, another scrumptious breakfast, this time of curd cheese and honey, pastries and wonderful french bread with preserves, freshly squeezed orange and black coffee. The French are definitely the best at bread making, by a long baguette!


We then had a wander around the town. Still looks the same as our last visit. You can walk all around in about 20 minutes and, although it is a cliche, it is like going back in time as if it hasn’t changed for centuries. (No wonder a number of films, such as Three Musketeers were filmed there!) And yet it still has little shops and a town hall — as well as several hotels and a gift shop. Not sure it is as much a “real” town as our new adopted home.

Paola has a bit of a “thing” about lovely doors — and Pérouges has them in abundance.

Weather was vile from Pérouges to the Mont Blanc tunnel and on to our next stay: Agriturismo Terra e Cielo just outside Genoa. But some stretches of the motorway were so straight and empty that even Paola agreed to use cruise control. And now we have arrived it’s lashing down like a tropical storm. So much for the dream of running away to the Italian sun.

The problem tonight will be getting from our room to our plates of ravioli without getting soaked. Daisy enjoyed her doggy bag of fillet steak from last night but I think she will be out of luck tonight: the food all sounds too good to have any leftovers.


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